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Honeymoon Here We Come!

Hi Friends and Family,

We are so excited about our upcoming wedding and our incredible Japanese Adventure that we have planned for our Honeymoon. We would love to have you join with us in this experience !! No you can't go along :-)  but in lieu of wedding gifts, we would appreciate your support in our travels. You can do this by giving us a "travel voucher" or purchasing a specific experience for us. (see details below). All you have to do is get in touch with our fantastic travel planner, Linda Maggert and she will help you join us as we honeymoon in Japan!

Thanks so much,  Courtney and Brenden!

Travel Vouchers - We have MANY exciting adventures waiting for us in Japan and most are more than one person would want to gift to us. So "travel Vouchers" can be given in amounts of $25 each and you can give as many vouchers as you want. We will use those to help with air and train travel, hotels, tours, excursions, tickets to our favorite spots that will all work together to give us the honeymoon of a lifetime! Or if you want to purchase a specific tour for us just let Linda know and she can give you the details. Just contact our travel planner, Linda Maggert CTA at 260-229-5861 or linda4traveldreams@gmail.com and she can help you with your honeymoon gift to us. Thanks again for making our dreams come true!





Toyko and Kyoto

We will start our adventure by flying from Chicago to the dynamic city of Tokyo where we will see the best of the old and the new. We will start with the Meji Shrine and Samuari Museum with all of their swords, armor and helmets. Then on to the Shinjuki Garden and Asakusa Temple the oldest of its kind in Toyko. The next day we will dive into the new Tokyo visiting the Akiharbara (the animation capital of the world!). We will tour thru the shops, Ghibli Museum,  and Pokemon Center but to us it will seem like heaven!!

Then off to Kyoto - the land of Japanese traditions and beauty!

We will visit Geishas in Gion, the incredible Sanjusanangendo Temple and the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Then off on the train to The Bamboo Gtrove of Arashujami and the Tenryuji Shrine. The traditions and beauty of Kyoto and the surrounding areas are breathtaking! Contact our travel planner, Linda Maggert CTA at 260-229-5861 or at linda4traveldreams@gmail.com to help us with "travel vouchers" for our trip!