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A Personalized Trip to Europe

Linda was a true lifesaver for our European trip last summer. Although we already had specific destinations and attractions in mind, she was able to seamlessly set up our hotels, flights, other means of travel (ferries, drivers, etc), and even set up some very memorable walking tours and bus tours for the specific attractions we hoped to see. 


… When my husband mentioned wanting to see the Barcelona soccer stadium, Linda was able to set up a personal walking tour with an official member of FC Barcelona. .. He had a true passion for the sport, and I felt that he was able to enhance that experience for my husband. It nearly brings me to tears thinking about how cool it was. … Overall, Linda made it possible for us to relax as much as possible during a trip with a large amount of destinations. Our most romantic moments definitely took place during the Greek islands portion of the trip, where we didn't plan as many tours and mostly enjoyed the beautiful scenery, delicious food, and lively night life. We made countless memories together, saw some once-in-a-lifetime destinations, and explored and adventured as much as possible. We can't wait to go on another memorable trip together. 


Trying to piece together that trip by ourselves would have been stressful, but Linda and her resources were a huge asset in our travel planning. As mentioned, we wanted to fit as many destinations as possible into a short amount of time, and she was great at suggesting a schedule that made the most sense for our specific timeline and interests. We would absolutely consult her advice and her planning abilities again for any future trips. 


Sarah and Kramer

Working with Linda is an absolute pleasure.She is fantastic and always quick to reply.  One trip in particular deserves special mention. We were booked to fly to Jamaica during the Blizzard of 2016 and I was panicked. Linda helped us rebook our flight and found us a hotel in Montego Bay until we could check in to the Royal Plantation. That is customer service! We will always remember her willingness to help us salvage our trip and what a trip it was. The Royal Plantation is the perfect place for us. Small, romantic yet plenty to do. We spent a week eating, drinking and relaxing on the beach. I would absolutely not hesitate to ask Linda plan another trip for us. 

Pam and Skip

We had many parts of our trip that we enjoyed. We loved the excursions! Snorkeling with the wild ocean life was very interesting. We saw 4 giant sea turtles! Driving around the island was so picturesque and amazing to see the beautiful scenery of Barbados. We also found a spot on the resort that became a go-to every night. The same couples would come back too because the atmosphere was so fun.

I think being together without day-to-day interruption was the most romantic part. We got to share each memory together; jumping into the ocean waves for hours, lounging by the pool, relaxing in the soaking tub, sharing meals and memories.

Linda did all of the work for our honeymoon. I contacted her with an idea of where we wanted to go and she responded with some suggestions that we narrowed down. She arranged our flight, connection, hotel, resort, and even our excursions. We told her when and where we wanted to go and she did the rest. Linda gave us an itinerary for our trip that was accurate to a tee and we were a stress free couple relaxing on the beach because of her hard work. 


April and Kirby

Anniversary Trip

We contacted Linda a couple of months prior to our 20th anniversary.  Linda listened to all of our needs and gave us plenty of options and thorough details about each place.  She is quick to answer any & all questions and even has suggestions based on personal experience or from clients feedback.  Within a few days we had picked Sandals Ochi in Jamaica.  She had explained that for a “milestone” anniversary Sandals wouldn’t disappoint.  She was right! The resort is huge but you can find spots with tons of activities or nice quiet spaces as well. Plenty of romantic spots such as seating around fire pits, swings out on the boardwalk, or the several hammocks placed throughout the property.  The staff is super friendly and attentive!  We always received congratulations on our anniversary & were even given special drinks and desserts a few times!  Everything was perfect from beginning to end!  This was a trip we will never forget and we can’t wait to go back.  We have already used Linda to plan a Caribbean family vacation and have referred her to other family members and friends.  We will most definitely use Linda to plan our next couples vacation!

Angie and Adam